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'Embattled Territory. The Circulation of Knowledge in the Spanish Netherlands'

9-11 March 2011, Venue: KANTL - Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie voor Taal- en Letterkunde, Koningsstraat 18, 9000 Gent


This event is the final conference of the FWO Scientific Research Network 'Circulating Knowledge in Early Modern Science'. Three elements characterize current historiography of science in the Spanish Netherlands: (1) the theme of the Separation and the emigration to the Dutch Republic, which is considered as a ‘brain drain’; (2) the Counter-Reformation and the related appreciation of science in the catholic Netherlands in terms of ‘stagnation’ and ‘conservatism’; (3) an internalist view of science which reduces it to the ‘natural sciences’ and largely disconnects science from culture and society. On the basis of previous workshops and conferences organized in the context of the FWO Scientific Research Network this conference wishes to emphasize four themes which offer new perspectives and corrections to the current historiography of science in the Spanish Netherlands: 1. The Circulation of Technical Knowledge; 2. The Atlantic World; 3. Art and Knowledge; and 4. The Politics of Knowledge.


Speakers include Bruno Boute, Ronnie Po Chia Hsia, Karel Davids, Joost Depuydt, Ralph Dekoninck, Maarten Delbeke, Sven Dupré, Annelies De Bie, Raoul De Kerf, Krista De Jonge, Tine Meganck, Bert De Munck, Florike Egmond, Christine Göttler, Agnes Guiderdoni, Dirk Imhof, Eric Jorink, Henrique Leitao, Piet Lombaerde, Max Martens, Pieter Martens, Renate Pieper, Lissa Roberts, Werner Thomas, Geert Vanpaemel, Dirk Van de Vijver, Arjan Van Dixhoorn, Nico Van Hout, Vincent Van Roy, Johan Verberckmoes, Koen Vermeir, Rene Vermeir

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Organisers: Sven Dupré (Ghent University) and Geert Vanpaemel (Catholic University of Leuven)

Scientific Committee: Karel Davids (Free University of Amsterdam), Ralph Dekoninck (Université Catholique de Louvain), Maarten Delbeke (Ghent University/University of Leiden), Bert De Munck (University of Antwerp), Eric Jorink (Huygens Institute, The Hague), Werner Thomas (Catholic University of Leuven), Koen Vermeir (CNRS – REHSEIS, Paris)


Attendance is open to all. However there is a limit on places available and anyone wishing to attend must register before 10 February with .